The Communications Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has described the decision of the National Peace Council to remain silent on alleged military brutalities at registration centres as unfortunate.

This comes after a Peace Council Board Member, Dr Nana S. K Asante, stated that the law does not give the Council power to indict one party when mediating issues.

For Dr Asante, the rampant attacks by political actors only exhibit their ignorance on the mandate of the Council as stipulated by the National Peace Council Act 2011.

But, Kakra Essamuah told Joy News that he did not agree with Dr Nana Asante, arguing that the Council has the right to call a party to order, should its actions threaten the peace of the country.

“The fact that you [National Peace Council] are mediating does not mean that when you see someone is doing wrong, you cannot call the person to order.”

“This is because it is all part of mediation since the end of mediation is peace and justice. And there can be no peace and justice when there is no fairness and no duty to tell the person who has erred that ‘you are wrong,” he emphasised.

Making reference to former President John Dramani Mahama’s  ‘boot for boot’ comment in February 2019, Mr Essamuah said the Chairman of the Peace Council called on him to apologise, because the statement could cause fear and panic in the country.

He then questioned why the Peace Council stood aloof in the face of the frequent attacks on residents and NDC party agents at various registration centres, seeing as the acts threatened the long-standing peace and democracy of Ghana.

“Our problem is the deployment of soldiers to various centres. And know that soldiers are part of the executive controlled by the government.

“So are we not entitled to ask the National Peace Council to call on government to withdraw the soldiers?”, he quizzed.