Introspection is a great thing. At least I enjoy it but it's the one thing the can really humble you. I mean really really humble you. Have you paused to think through your life and events you've been through and realized how unwise you have been? Yeah. Not a nice feeling I know. But the awesomeness of the power of frank introspection is so much better than living in denial.

Many times we've been advised not to dwell on the past but quite often we forget that going in to the past is not the problem. It's what we do with what we find in the past that's the real magic feed for your growth and development. So here's five things you can find in the past.

1.    Mistakes to avoid – Life is a cycle. It can be a cycle of ups and downs or the stuck in the rut kind where you experience the same outcomes over and over because you keep doing the same old things over and over. I think of life as a cycle of progress. Failure is necessary for success. Looking back at your own life frequently makes you better prepared for future opportunities for real growth. Imagine mistreating someone who doesn't speak up  but avoids you because you hurt them. Introspection will give you the key unlock the good in that relationship.

2.    People – You will find people to apologize to, people you must forgive, people you must hold dear and people who you have to cut off and avoid. Sorry but that's a reality we all have to wake up to. And yes the nice part are people who you must go back to to rebuild a bridge that could help you on your way to greatness and fulfillment. Remember that no man or woman is an island.

3.    Values – You, like me won't always get it right but there are moments when you get it spot on. Introspection will teach you about those things you did right. It will remind you those things you need to do more of. Do more of what makes you awesome. Without the knowledge of what makes you awesome you won't be awesome. Values are like muscles. Find yours and work them and just watch the transformation.

4.    Lessons – When you look back at your life in its totality to include the things you were directory connected to or those that you observed, you will find on those experiences many lessons. A good boss is a valuable in lessons as a bad boss. Likewise a good or bad colleague. Everything around you or connected to you holds great lessons. Life can be so fleeting you miss the lessons as they occur but looking back you give yourself a chance to add an extra nugget of wisdom to your bag of lessons. Sages are not born like that, it is their ability to distill knowledge from the seemingly painful  and sometimes mundane situations. Peel those eyes in your mind and go learning. You'll be better for it.

We're on a journey in this lifetime and every so often a good driver will look into the rear view mirror. So as you go about your day and your life, consider what you may be missing out on. Spend sometime, and I mean some real meaningful time with yourself, learn lessons, find new ways, become a better you and affect your world positively. The greatest achievers of our world spend on average 10 hours a week just thinking. Your highest heights will be equaled only by your deepest depths. And it all begins with you.

Go Forward. Make Rain.

I'm Nhyira ADDO – The Rainmaker