As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I wish to salute all mothers and mother figures in the country. Motherhood is not only a tough job. It is also by far the most important job on earth.

The role of mothers in shaping our character, nurturing our talents and inspiring us to achieve greater heights cannot be over-emphasised.

As a mother, I am appreciative of the struggles mothers go through, tirelessly moving heaven and earth to secure the possible best for their children while striving to keep them on the path of righteousness.

Motherhood is not just about shaping the lives of individuals but also shaping a nation and the world as a whole; that is our role.

On a day like this, I urge society, especially those of us who can afford it, as well as gender-based civil society organisations and corporate institutions not to limit our celebration of this important day to making merry in our homes or in small groups.

Rather I urge you also to identify creative ways by which we can assist less fortunate mothers. Assist single mothers, widows, teenage mothers and all who need your assistance to help build a nation of knowledge-filled, respectful, patriotic, hardworking, ambitious and God-fearing people.

The Rebecca Foundation has been working hard to support mothers in various fields of endeavour to lighten their burden, but additional assistance from individuals and corporate organisations, will definitely inure to the benefit of the nation.

I will also admonish all mothers and mother figures, to take up their motherhood role with all the seriousness, bearing in mind that the outcome of their fruits will be heavily dependent on how they are nurtured. The nation’s future rests on our shoulders.

I also urge everyone to appreciate all the mothers in our lives. Whether this woman is your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, foster or adoptive mother, please remember to say thank you today.

These women deserve your appreciation.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our phenomenal women.