Movie Review: Amakye and Dede

A parody of Ghanaian movies you may want to add to your movie list.

Though star-studded, I will say Amakye and Dede fell a little point from striking the right chord in movie lovers both local and international.

I’ve held my misgivings for recent Ghanaian movies close to my chest. The reason? Well, I don’t want to bother anyone with a tall list of pontifications which may make me more catholic than the Pope.

However, often my arguments have been validated by the half-baked movies churned out in the country that are no closer and/or reflection of what we have as a people and/or what we envisage for ourselves.

The absurdity has almost always been that these movies are produced and sponsored by persons we expect to know, but don’t.

So I was invited to the premiering of the movie at the Silverbird Cinema branch at West Hills Mall on the Accra/Cape Coast highway. I thought I’d arrived early only to realise the hallway leading to the main entrance of the cinema was flooded with a sea of faces.

It was as though the whole of Ghana was being poured into the cinema hall. The atmosphere was charged, and I was charged, faintly believing this movie would be different.

The storyline of the movie has to do with two men who fell in love with the same lady on the same day, each pretending to be someone he was not. The movie is a romantic comedy.

Amakye said he’s a politician while Dede stuck to his mechanic position. The truth is that the two are an apprentice of Efo (John Dumelo), who is physically challenged making him an object of ridicule by his ‘children’.

I will laud Kofas Media for the inclusion of Kumawood stars in the movie. I can say they added another twist to the movie.

The movie starred; Majid Michel, Kalybos, Ahuofe Patricia, John Dumelo, Roselyn Ngissah, Salma Mumin, Emelia Brobbey, Moesha Buduonh, Grace Nortey, Fred Nuamah and many others.

The picture quality, I will say is superior and the settings were carefully chosen peppered with timely songs all blending to give the movie the appearance of a good movie.

Well, I cannot tell you all there’s to know about the movie. You’ve got to watch it yourself, but don't tell me I told you the movie has some challenges.

Even though I support fictitious movies that stir one’s imagination, I am of the firm believe that at least an attempt has to be made, however little, to create something closer to reality for the benefit of generation unborn.

One unforgiving thing about the movie is that how could the duo; Amakye (Majid) and Dede (Kalybos), be watching a football match played in 2014 in a movie shot in 2016? Is it a mystery?

Well, that’s PASCO for you.

Ghana has unparallel history, places, and unsung heroes that the world has to hear about, but little is done to this effect.

You cannot get a perfect movie in this world, however, expensive the budget may be. Star-studded Hollywood movies are shotdown by movie reviewers and literary critics, but this should not cloud your senses.

Amakye and Dede may not be perfect, but I believe the scriptwriter and producer could have answered some basic questions in the minds of movie lovers all over the world.

It’s a good attempt.

Will I recommend you watch it? Of course! Why not?

If you could watch other movies, why not this movie?