MTN Ghana is taking the recent Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report from National Communication Authority (NCA) in good faith, despite the fact that the report showed it did not perform too well on “Service Attributes and Expectation” compared with other telcos.

MTN Corporate Services Executive, Cynthia Lumor said in a statement, “MTN Ghana is happy to receive feedback from its valued customers about its services. The Customer is king and feedback received from them helps improve our work”.

The Survey was conducted in 2012 and it showed that apart from Coverage where MTN performed better than Glo and Expresso, over the period under review, the market leader scored lowest on all the remaining 14 Service Attributes.

Again, on four key areas of billing performance, help/enquiry service (111), offered supplementary SVCS and Overall Quality of SVC, MTN customers were relatively less satisfied with the network than the customers of other telcos were with their respective service providers.

But MTN said in their statement, “we take note of the fact that the survey was commissioned in September 2012. Since then MTN Ghana has taken several steps to address many of the concerns raised through various customer improvement initiatives.”

It said there has been a marked improvement in the network [because] MTN invested GHS274 million in the network in 2013 and is investing GHS311 million this year. Last year, MTN also began a modernisation project to upgrade its sites and to introduce new technologies. This is yielding positive results.

“MTN has also recently introduced the Customer Loop Feedback (a new customer centred initiative) which involves the random sampling of customers after they are served by MTN agents to generate feedback from the quality of the services they received. This provides immediate feedback to the Customer Care team for continuous improvement,” the company said.

To address the challenges with the billing system, the company said it had also introduced a new Billing Solution which makes billing easier.

“These and many more are the measures MTN have put in place to improve the customer experience,” it added.

It assured customers that it takes every form of feedback seriously and would do all it can to ensure that the customer gets value for money spent on the network.

The company also thanked its customers for their continuous patronage and loyalty.

Meanwhile, in spite of what the NCA’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report said, current market share numbers from NCA indicate MTN continues to gain more customers than most of the networks which performed relatively better than MTN in the 2012/2013 survey.

Analysts have questioned how come consumers, as per the NCA’s report, seem less satisfied with MTN and yet the market leader continues to gain more customers than many telcos in terms of real numbers.