The Minority Chief Whip Muntaka Mohammed Mubarak has called for a biometric system in Parliament to curb absenteeism in the House.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Top Story Wednesday, Mr Muntaka said the absence behaviour by some Parliamentarians is gradually affecting businesses of the House.

He said should the fingerprint system be installed, regular absentee MPs will be easily detected since the current roll allows people to sign in for others.

“I say it with a lot of pain that some members will not be in the House and still will have others sign their name for them. This is ridiculous,” he said.

“That is why I have always advocated a biometric system to be installed in the chamber that allows each and every one to log in from his or her desk and log out [before they leave the chamber].

“Automatically that gives the timing and takes away all doubts of someone being present or absent because if someone is not present, no one sign in for the person,” he stated.

The Minority Chief Whip further suggested that should an Ethics Committee be established, MPs who deliberately miss proceedings would have their salary deducted and this would keep everyone in check.

According to him, the major cause of absenteeism at the House is due to the citizens.

For him, Parliamentarians who are always present and involved in the House proceedings are mostly voted out of office in their next run.

Earlier today, Mr Mubarak complained about the tardy behavior of some Members of Parliament noting that it derails the integrity of the House.

“We are defying this House and I must say this House is completely turned upside down.

“We have 275 MPs, but you can’t point out 100 people who are actually doing work as required by Parliamentarians,” he said.