National Democratic Congress (NDC) General Secretary Aspirant, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, says he believes he has the leadership skills and qualities needed to unite and motivate party members towards victory in the 2024 General Elections.

According to him, his campaign’s core message is that the NDC is winning the 2024 elections and he is prepared to deliver that victory with the support of party members.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express on his tactic to win the 2024 General Elections, he mentioned that he would do so by actively motivating party members through structuring and restructuring and through programmes to prepare them towards the elections.

“I do motivation, you know that. That’s what I do. And there are principles in leadership, and it’s called synergy. I’ve been at the forefront of every single election. For you to win an election you need to get majority of the people 90, 95% of the people ready and willing and hungry to die a little for the party.

“Now in 2020 we were up there, very very energized that we were going to win. After the elections, after the results people became demotivated, people became depressed, demoralized.

“There’s a way in which you must get all those people re-ernegised and give them hope that come 2024 we’re going to cross the mark and you need somebody who can pull everybody together ‘come on let’s go, don’t sit on the fence, don’t be tired. Let’s go and get it. Let’s go and finish what we started’ so that is it,” he said.

Afriyie Ankrah says he is very much convinced that victory will come to the NDC in the 2024 elections and that the opportunity is his to lead the party to that victory.

“With the evolution of time, I look at the circumstances and I work a lot based on conviction. I am very convinced that this 2024 is a must-win for us.

“And if the opportunity has come for me to offer myself based on my track record, my experience, my ability to work with people, you know all kinds of people that’s one of my biggest strengths. I am able to work with everybody, pull everybody along and get them on a trajectory for success and victory, why not?” he said.