My mission: Message from the Morning Man

I always get giddy and excited about my birthday. In that regard, I remain an eternal kid.

But amidst the excitement and celebrations with friends and loved ones, I also take advantage of this important day to ask myself whether or not my life is proceeding the way I want it to.

Now, I confess that for most of my life, my answer to that question had never been conclusive. It's no secret that this has always been my dream job, and so last year, when my birthday came along, I observed with a satisfying smile that my life appeared to be proceeding nicely in the direction I wished for.

As I set goals for the coming year, I decided to challenge myself even further. I made myself a promise that by my birthday this year, I would not only be doing my dream job, but I would be doing it in a way that made a positive difference to people's lives. Later today, I will reflect on that, see how I've performed against that target, and set a new one for the coming year. Now, no matter what my self assessment reveals, there is one thing I will be grateful for, and that is the amazing miracle God worked in my life.

I'm not talking about how He brought me out of a coma and saved my life. I'm not talking about how He placed me in the job of my dreams. I'm not talking about how He has giving me an amazing son, a supportive family and made me experience real and true love in my life. I'm not talking about health or wealth or even wisdom. All of these are miracles and blessings above and beyond what any one man deserves, and God has indeed showered me with all these and more. But today, on my birthday, the one miracle for which I am most thankful is that God has showed me my purpose in life.

William Barclay once said, "There are two great days in a person's life – the day we are born and the day we discover why".

Many go their entire lives without ever discovering their role on earth. Many will never achieve their potential because they will never discover the reason why God made them. They will spend the precious days, weeks, months and years of their lives doing what other people think they should do. The purpose for which they were created will never be achieved, and by the time they leave this world, it will be as if they were never even in it.

I prayed to God from an early age that He give me a life mission, along with the conviction to excel at it. Now, I wake up every morning excited, not matter how little sleep I've had, because I know I am fulfilling my purpose. I am working hard every day to achieve my potential and make an impact on the world around me. This is a miraculous privilege for which I am eternally grateful to God.

My friends, I call on you all to join me in marking this day, and since we're doing this together, I call on you all to examine your lives the same way I'm examining mine today. Are you on the path headed for your dreams? Or have you travelled so far down the wrong direction that you don't even recognise your surroundings? Is it time to reset the compass? Or do you just need to put your foot harder on the accelerator? Whatever your reflections revel to you, do not ignore them for one more minute.

Do as I do and use it to make your plan for the coming year. Then stick to it religiously, so that next year, you'll not be sitting where you are today, wringing your fingers and wondering why you can't ever get it right.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and I thank God for revealing to me my purpose. I'm having so much fun fulfilling it, and for that, I must thank you all. Here's to another year of fulfilment.