A member of the Communication Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Fred Agbenyo has stated that since Nana Addo was elected as flagbearer of the NPP for Elections 2012, he has never heard him make any meaningful statement concerning the development of the country.

He accuses the NPP Flagbearer of unnecessarily “bashing” the current government instead of proving how capable he can be in running the economy.

Mr. Agbenyo believes it was naive and inconceivable for the NPP flagbearer to openly criticize the Mills’ administration after just a year in power, and yet hypocritically state that he (Nana Addo) needs ten years to develop the country.

To him, the development of a nation should not be based only on a political party’s vision.

Nana Akufo-Addo on Wednesday declared that the NPP can transform Ghana in ten years under his stewardship.

Addressing a workshop organized for NPP researchers drawn from the ten regions, Nana Addo stated emphatically that Ghana can emulate the exploits of Brazil and Taiwan and develop within ten years with “Dedication, Discipline and Determination.”

He opined that Ghana must first do away with the “Guggisberg economy” of exporting raw materials into a more refined system – perhaps an “Akufo-Addo economy” – of adding value to the raw materials right here in Ghana.

His declaration has been met with some doubts and some cynicism, more so when the NPP just left power after eight years in office.

“Ghana, as a nation needs not just a vision, we need a policy, this is where we want to lift the image of Ghana to and irrespective of the government in power, you have to follow that policy,” Mr. Abenyo said.

Speaking on Oman FM’s “Public Agenda” political analysis programme, Mr. Fred Agbenyo, said he is not surprised that the presidential candidate of the NPP has stopped dreaming and is now facing reality that “no one can manage the affairs of the nation in two years.”

He questioned why Nana Addo thinks ten years would be enough for him to change the state of affairs in the country, most especially the economy, and not acknowledge that two years is not enough for Atta Mills to transform the economy.

“…I believe every objective Ghanaian would boldly admit that President Mills is managing the affairs of the country well,” he stressed.

Source: Peacefmonline