The National Identification Authority (NIA) has declared its support for the ongoing SIM card re-registration across the country.

The authority in a release dated January 19 and signed by the Acting Head of Corporate Affairs, Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu stated that it “does not in any way contest the mandate of the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization (MoCD) or the National Communication Authority (NCA) to implement SIM card registration in accordance with law.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, NIA reiterates its ardent support for SIM card registration in this country as an important Government policy,” portions of the statement stated.

They added that “the NIA greatly values inter-agency co-operation and collaboration for the attainment of Government’s development policies and programmes.”

“To this end, it has successfully co-operated, within the framework of the law and public policy, with other user agencies such as SSNIT, NHIA, GRA and the Controller & Accountant-General’s Department in advancing data harmonization and integration in this country, and will continue to do so with the NCA and other state institutions.”

Touching on a leaked letter, the NIA said: “the leaked letter of 13th September, 2021 currently in circulation was written more than four months ago and should not be seen as having been written in January, 2022; it should also not be construed as constituting an attack on the importance of the on-going SIM card registration exercise.”

According to NIA, “It is regrettable that official correspondence between two institutions would be leaked and used for improper purposes.”

It, therefore “condemns such conduct which undermines public trust and dissipates the energies of public officials who have to address same.”

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