A former Attorney General and leading member of the New Patriotic Party, Ayikoi Otoo, has revealed that the party had a cut-off point for its expanded electoral college to avoid the infiltration of members from opposing parties.

The party in 2010 reformed the system of electing its presidential candidate. It was then explained that the idea was to take away power, hitherto limited to a few delegates of about 2,400,  and sense of ownership to a large majority of party members usually at the grassroots level, such as polling station executives,  estimated at 120,000.

The ruling National Democratic Congress has bought into the system and has decided to go a notch further. They are including every card-bearing member of the party, Member of Parliament for Ketu South Fifi Kwetey explained.

But voters should be in good standing and biometrically registered, he added.

In his assessment, the NPP's decision was influenced by the growing 'moneycracy' in the party, which he conceded was gradually gaining grounds in the NDC.  Monecracy, he explained, it is not about what the people want but the extent one can use money to induce people to get what he wants.

Nevertheless, Mr Ayikoo Otoo maintained the expansion does not mean the NDC  is more democratic than the NPP.

He said the idea of including every member of the party was weighed when decision was taken about the current method, but it was abandoned because they could not guarantee the integrity and loyalty of every card holder.

Mr Otoo said the possibility of the archrival, NDC, infiltrating the camp of the NPP under the pretense of party members to take wrong decisions for the party was highly considered.

"This policy they talk about was something which was discussed, but the issue was whether you could be sure of those who will come out and vote claiming to be NPP members. And if you are not careful you can get NDC people coming to corrupt the system for us."

However, he said the NPP will "gradually" expand their electoral college to include every card-bearing member, that is, if the party get a "good register to know indeed who are voting". A biometric registration as well as voting biometrically at the party level would not be a bad idea, he surmised.

Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, though commended the NDC for its decision to allow every card-bearing member to vote, he warned the exercise will come with "huge logistical and administrative challenges". I am not sure they will succeed at first attempt, he remarked.