Roshi Motman, the newly-appointed General Manager of Millicom Ghana Ltd., operators of mobile telecoms network, Tigo, has paid a courtesy call on the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi.  

The new GM’s first official trip to any traditional ruler after her appointment last two months, was to formally introduce herself and her team to the Asantehene and by extension, the Asante kingdom.

The occasion was also used by the Tigo entourage to congratulate the Otumfuor on the occasion of his 60th birthday and his 15th anniversary since ascending the golden stool.

The visit, for Tigo, was significant as it effectively cements the strong bond between Tigo as a business entity and the people of the Ashanti region who over the years have been very loyal to the brand.

In her interactions with the Otumfuo, Madam Motman expressed Tigo’s gratitude to the Asantehene for the warm reception accorded her team during the visit. She took the opportunity to praise the King for the giant milestones he has achieved since his enstoolment, especially in the area of education. She promised Tigo’s continued support for Otumfuo’s initiatives in the field of education as he seeks to support needy students whilst providing incentives to teachers to give off their best.
Briefing the press after the meeting, Roshi Motman emphasized Tigo’s strong belief in promoting the culture and heritage of Ghana mainly through its TigoFest initiative which supports festival celebrations across the country. As part of its support to the celebrations marking the 15th anniversary of Otumfuor, Roshi therefore disclosed that Tigo has donated a cheque of GHS 50, 000 to the Asantehene Educational Fund and a GHS 20, 000 towards this year’s annual Otumfuor Teachers Awards.

Also as part of Tigo’s package for the celebrations, the new General Manager also disclosed that Tigo was helping organize cleanup exercises in selected suburbs of Kumasi including Bantama, Akwatia line, Asafo, Stadium, Ash Town and Amakom in preparation towards Akwasidae.

She also reiterated Tigo’s commitment to not only provide world-class mobile telephony services to the Ghanaian populace but to also develop the communities in which it operates.
The Asantehene, receiving the Tigo delegation, thanked the management of Tigo for their unwavering support towards enhancing the country’s cultural heritage and called on other stakeholders to emulate the gesture by Tigo to help move the country forward. The Otumfuor also offered strong words of support and encouragement to the newly-appointed Tigo boss, who he said, represented a new face in corporate leadership in Ghana.


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