Newmont Golden Ridge Limited, has announced efforts being made to improve the living conditions of people of Afosu, New Abirem, Mamanso and Ntronang in the Eastern Region.

It said it was supplying potable water to and expanding and rehabilitating pipe systems in the communities.

The company said currently, 10 boreholes had also been drilled in all the project impacted communities and pumping test was on-going.

These are contained in statement signed by Mr Oduro-Kwarteng Marfo, External Relations Manager of Newmont, copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

It said the water project formed part of Community Development Programmes aimed at enhancing the livelihood of project impacted households in the New Abirem area.

The statement said a water tank is also under construction to supplement water storage measures.

It said: “In addition, 300 household latrines are being constructed in all the project communities of which 176 of the facilities have been completed”.

The statement said Yayaso community in the area had also benefited from latrines.

It said a landfill site had been acquired at Old Abirem and design work being undertaken by Zoomlion waste management company.

The statement said Newmont was also executing Livelihood and Community Enhancement and Community Empowerment Programs aimed at promoting economic development and improving the living conditions of the people within the mine area.

It cited the establishment of bread and pastries making entities at Adausena, New Abirem and Afosu, shed and smokeless stove for Oil Palm Producers at Old Abirem Community and creation of market for Newmont trained poultry and fish farmers.

The statement said the Akyem Project also involved the relocation and resettlement of people of Yayaso; and mentioned Nyamebekyere, Kwasi Kpofor, Badu, Kofi Aklo, Ayesu Zigah, Yaw Tano, and Metemano communities.

It said: “An estimated 1,700 households have been impacted through loss of individual residences”.

The statement said 160 houses had been completed with work progressing steadily on the remaining 94 expected to be completed by the end of the year and added that currently, 70 houses were being occupied by households.


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