Ghana Connect: Towing policy good, rethink implementation - panelists

Ghana Connect: Towing policy good, rethink implementation - panelists
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Date: 04-08-2017 Time: 09:08:32:pm

Pressure is mounting on government to state its stance on the controversial towing levy as the Transport Ministry calls for calm. It says it hasn’t yet taken any firm decision as it continues pubic consultations on the controversial mandatory towing levy.

Although the tow levy has been on the country’s books for a while it was in July 2017 when government attempted to implement it that it was met with a huge public backlash.

Government was forced to suspend it until it emerged again this week after the Transport Committee in Parliament recommended that government should go ahead and implement. At this point, there was an eruption.

Ghana Connect today sought answers from Ghanaians why they should pay a towing levy when the bad driver leaves his disabled vehicle unattended on the road.

Connecting on the programme Friday were Charles Danso, Chairman of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, Nana Otu Darko, a journalist and Dunan Amoah from the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers.

A blogger and Initiator at 1 Simple Step Initiative in the United States also Naa Adaku Addo Golda also connected with listeners to share her views.

According to Mr Duncan, organizations like his were sidestepped during the discussion stage which he believes is mainly because they made their against stance clear. 

For Ms Golda, she says it is unfair that the company which is to execute the contract, Road Safety Management Limited (RSML) only selected some particular roads and not all roads in the country to pay attention to in towing broken down vehicles. 

She wants other private towing companies to be engaged for effective and efficient service to be delivered after the contract has been reconsidered.

Mr Otu Darko believes it is time to rethink the policy and give Ghanaians the best value for money. He said in its current state it is a bad law which needs rethinking.

The Chairman of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, Mr Danso, thinks the implementation of the levy will add to their operational cost which they cannot pass on to their customers because it will not be good for their business. 

Listen to the discussion below: 

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