Forever True Friends, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has called for public support to help refurbish the Pantang Hospital in Accra.

The NGO has earmarked an amount of GHS1.5 million to build a theatre for the Hospital, furnished with the state-of-the-art facilities and as well undertake renovation and aftercare services.

The Hospital, which is now a general hospital, is without a theatre centre, prompting authorities to transfer all surgery activities to other hospitals which are a concern for all.

Madam Jane Gerbs, the Founder of the NGO, speaking at the launch of the project christened “Pantang Hospital Theatre” in Accra, said the initiative was to create awareness about the challenges facing the Hospital and advocate support from the public.

She said the organisation mooted the idea because of the deplorable state of the Hospital, including wards for inmates and their wellbeing, which needed urgent attention.

Statistics from the Ghana Health Service showed that in 2018, 41 per cent of Ghanaians have some mental disorders.

The mental healthcare institutions are neglected and led to a situation where the treatment gap for inmates is 98 per cent.

She said the organisation’s priority was on the construction of a theatre centre for the Hospital and later extend the support to other pressing needs that aid health care services.

The Founder called on stakeholders to contribute towards the initiative to improve healthcare delivery in the Hospital.

Nana Abena Adobea II, the Queen Mother, Aburi Adonten, affirmed her support towards the project to give a face-lift to the hospital.

Nana Adobea II, also a Healthcare Consultant in the United States, said she had established an International Surgical Healthcare Initiative that offered surgical support to patients across Africa for free.

She expressed concern about the neglect of mental health institutions in the country, describing the sectors as “forgotten groups”, which needed urgent attention.

The Queen Mother called for effective support systems that would help people in need of surgical help since there were lots of patients suffering from different kinds of illnesses.

“We need to harness our resources to help the less privileged in society. Health is wealth because when people are treated well, they become productive for the country,” she added.

Mr Victor Owusu, the Executive Secretary of the NGO, said most of the inmates at the Hospital were sleeping in a filthy environment and it was imperative for all to come on board to support the project to succeed.

He appealed to corporate bodies and civil societies to contribute towards the project to advance the frontiers of healthcare delivery in the country.