GM of Belfast, Atuobi Debrah Kissi

Belfast Management Limited has reopened the No.1 Oxford Street Hotel and Suites following the president’s directive on Covid-19.

The company, however, bemoans the negative impact the novel coronavirus has had on its business.

According to General Manager (GM) of Belfast, Atuobi Debrah Kissi, the hotel has seen a dip in revenue of not less than $3 million.

“This building, in particular, is supposed to generate us about $7million to $9 million a year and we shut down for almost seven months so that’s a huge chunk of our revenues gone,” he said.

Mr Kissi spoke to JoyBusiness at a client engagement ceremony to unveil the luxurious hotel and suites located at Osu in Accra.

He has assured the public of its commitment to prioritise health and safety as the hospitality industry gradually bounces back after the Covid-19 coronavirus health crisis.

The Belfast GM said even though the hotel industry was one of the worst-hit during the crisis, Belfast Management is poised to resume full operations to enhance competitiveness in the market as the situation normalizes.

He added that the company will continue to honour its commitment to providing the best comfort and security across all its four luxurious facilities in the capital city which include Kwarleyz Residence, Vyn Yard and Belgravia Townhouses.

He said Belfast, in keeping with its hallmark of luxury and security, will continue to collaborate with stakeholder organisations in the hospitality industry to position Ghana as the most preferred destination for business and tourism in West Africa.

The plush Number One Oxford Street hotel comprises a total of one hundred and eight apartments.

It comes with 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom suites and a 3-bedroom presidential penthouse suite.

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