A senior lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana says no chief has the right to summon assembly members and force them to kneel before him.

According to Prof. Ransford Gyampo, such orders infringe on the democratic rights of citizens.

“We propose or determine who must be an MMDCE or Assembly members to explain for exercising independent judgement, it is politically bouffant to make democracy subservient to show anachronistically antiquated in whatever they don’t like,” he said.

Some assembly members were forced to kneel before the Paramount Chief of the area, Barima Otuo Siriboe, for voting against the President’s Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) nominee.

The aggrieved assembly members held a press conference to air their frustrations regarding the chief’s action.

Reacting to this, Mr Gyampo said that it is within the right of the MMDCEs and Assembly members to host a press conference and air their grievances.

In a statement, the Juaben Traditional Council’s Registrar, Kwaku Ankomah Asare, asked the public to dismiss the fake news saying the Assembly members were forced by the chief to kneel and apologise.

He described the information as “vicious lies and propaganda.”

An assembly member, Emmanuel Gallo has concurred with the story”.

“At no point was any Assembly member forced to kneel for voting against the nominee. After all the Omanhene had no mechanism to know how members voted,” the Registrar noted.

But speaking on JFM’sM’s Super Morning Show Monday, Mr Gallo said they knelt before the chief willingly because they were in the wrong”.

“We did not kneel because we voted against Sarfo Kantanka; however, it was because we held the press conference without informing our Omanhene,” he told Winston Amoah.

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