The Chair of the Electoral Commission says her outfit is fully ready to supervise a trouble free credible election on Wednesday to elect a new president or retain the old one.

Mrs Charlotte Osei says all electoral materials have been dispatched to some 29,000 polling stations across the country for an election that will involve over 15 million voters.

A total of 64,000 security personnel have also been dispatched across the country to police an election that is likely to see pockets of violence but will be generally peaceful

As a security measure, Mrs Osei announced a total ban on the riding of motor bikes 400meters away from polling stations. That ban begins from 5:00pm on Wednesday to 6:00 am to prevent miscreants from snatching away ballots and fleeing with them on the motorbikes.

She made the announcement at a press conference hours to the elections on Wednesday.

Seven presidential aspirants and hundreds of parliamentary candidates are vying for political positions on Wednesday.

The poll is expected to begin at 7:00 am tomorrow morning. Before that, over 90,000 voters out of 127,000 security personnel, journalists and electoral officers have already voted in a special voting exercise which was punctuated with chaos and a drama of missing names.

Mrs Osei explained that the special voting exercise was not for all security personnel, journalists or electoral officers.

It was only meant for those who submitted their names to the EC through their respective institutional heads, she added.

According to her,  some of the special voters did not transfer their votes but thought the special voting exercise was an opportunity for them to do so, an anomaly she said was responsible for their inability to vote.

It is not clear if those persons who provided their names for the special voting but could not vote because of these challenges would be allowed to vote.

Mrs Osei rubbished assertions her outfit was plotting to disenfranchise eligible Ghanaian voters, adding, it is the EC job to make people vote not to disenfranchise them.

She stated unequivocally that the EC is ready to superintend a peaceful and credible election tomorrow.