DCOP Opare Addo in the grips of alleged members of Delta Force

The NPP Coordinator for the New Zongo Electoral area in Kumasi has condemned the use of heavily built men to force out the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo.

Speaking to JoyNews, Nana Agyemang Okyere said that the actions of the men, who have been accused of handcuffing and abusing the officer, have brought disgrace to the revered senior official.

Mr Okyere, who is respected by members of youth groupings within the party, said that even if the men wanted DCOP Opare Addo out desperately, a less violent measure could have been employed.

He told Erastus Asare Donkor that the men involved should be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

This comes after DCOP Opare Addo claimed he had been abducted, handcuffed and forcefully taken out of the office by heavily armed men who he said were from pro-NPP vigilante group, Delta Force.

DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo described the ordeal he went through in the hands of the seven men who purported to be National Security operatives, as humiliating.

“Yes, certainly action will be taken. They came and assaulted me, pointing AK 47 at me and the like, hitting me, even when I was going to urinate one of the boys followed me and said he was following me to the toilet, I said what do you mean?”

However, Mr Okyere said he was disappointed in DCOP Opare Addo for blaming the actions of the armed men on Delta Force.

He stated that since the political vigilante groups were disbanded, none of the members of the defunct pro-NPP group has regrouped or attacked people.

Mr Okyere called on DCOP Opare Addo to retract his statement explaining that Delta Force does not exist as a group. He said that the members of the group are all into different professions and trades now.

Meanwhile reacting to the DCOP’s claims, National Security Coordinator Maj. Gen. Francis Adu Amanfo (Rtd) said the men were from the national security ministry who had been deployed from Accra to ensure DCOP Opare Addo handed over his office because his contract had expired.

He dismissed DCOP Opare Addo’s claim of abduction and abuse stating that they were rather handcuffed by personnel from the Regional Police Command.

“He rather called for Police reinforcement and the team that went to mitigate the event in Kumasi were handcuffed. It was the team from Accra which was handcuffed and not Opare Addo. Opare Addo wasn’t handcuffed. He rather called the Regional Police Commander to come and they came and arrested the team we have sent from Accra.”

He added that the operatives were sent to Kumasi because DCOP Opare Addo had refused to leave office after several letters were sent to him.