The Director of Communications for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described the Ashanti National Security Coordinator, DCOP (Rtd) Kweku Ayensu Opare Addo as an embarrassment to the state and himself. 

Yaw Buaben Asamoa, in an interview with JoyNews, accused DCOP Opare-Addo of failing to peacefully hand over after his contract with the National Security Operative came to an end.

According to him, the retired Police officer’s refusal to evacuate his office led to the deployment of some security officials to enforce his removal.

“The Asanti Regional Coordinator ought to have left the office long before because his contract had expired. He has not responded to any of the entreaties from his headquarters to move on. Not having responded, headquarters felt obliged to go and enforce his removal. Unfortunately, he did not take kindly to it, he chose a very loud way of going about it and it has embarrassed him.

“I think he should be embarrassed that this incident has happened. there is no way he can come out of this incident smelling good because he has no basis for what he did which is to oppose his office and to try and maintain himself in an office where his welcome had expired by Law,” he emphasised.

Mr Buaben Asamoa’s comment is in response to an alleged attempted ousting of the Regional Security Coordinator.

DCOP Opare-Addo recounting his ordeal indicated that he was handcuffed and forcefully taken out of the office by heavily armed men who he said were from Delta Force.

Reacting to the allegation, the Director of Communications said the armed men that invaded his office are actually security officials.

“Nobody who went there is from the delta force I want to be very very clear. Since the passage of the vigilantism act, there is nothing like delta force in our system it has been disbanded whoever had control of it has disbanded it and it does not exist.”

Mr Buaben Asamoa further pointed out that the group had no intention of carrying out their duty in a violent manner but his resistance to vacate his office triggered the altercation.

He says, DCOP Opare “could have gone to his headquarters to enquire about his status. Now here is someone who is in office and has resisted all formal means to the point where now the state has to use minimum force. You know the state is empowered to use minimum force to enforce the law. 

“Whatever his story is trying to create an impression that he is angelic and comes out as a hero the bottom line is he is no hero because he did not have a right to what he was doing, he is no hero because he did not deserve to put all of us in that embarrassment when he had no legal right. The embarrassment belongs to him, it does not belong to the state because he chose to make a spectacle of himself when he ought to have left office at the right time,” he added.