An 18-member Northern Regional campaign team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has begun its Operation Capture 15 Seats tour.

The team, headed by Regional Chairman Baantima, Adam Samba is expected to visit all the Constituencies mobilise party supporters and also court more people to increase the party’s votes in the December polls.

Regional Communications Director of the NPP, Salifu Sule explained that the team will start with the Kunbungu, Savelugu and the Nanton constituencies followed by the four constituencies in the capital, Tamale.

He said the campaign team will meet with the Council of Elders and Patrons, as well as the various teams.

Mr Salifu added that the team would also engage a cross-section of the people in all the constituencies.

He said the target is to increase the votes of the NPP in order to retain them and increase the party’s parliamentary candidates.

The Regional Communication Director said the track record of the NPP as a performing party will sell the party.

He catalogued some of the achievements of the NPP government including successes in the education, agriculture, business development, health, roads, employment, water and sanitation among other sectors.

He said the team will also use the opportunity to explain the party’s manifesto to the electorates.

The party currently has 9 seats in the region and is determined to increase the number.

The rest of the campaign team members include Business Development Minister Dr Mohammed Awal Ibrahim, Presidential staffer Napaga Tia Sulemana Tali, Madam Swad Amoah a Deputy CEO at the NEIP, Mr Haruna Mohammed, a Deputy National Communications Director of the NPP, Mr Kwajaja, a Deputy National Youth Organiser of the NPP and some regional officers of the party.

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