Tesah Capital, an asset management company in Ghana, has set up investment accounts for finalists of National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) from Keta Senior High School.

The three contestants, Bright Senyo Gadzo, Francisca Lamini, and James Lutterodt beat all odds to establish KETASCO as one of the most successful at the just ended 2021 NSMQ, being the first Volta-Oti team to contest in the finals of the annual competition.

Tesah Capital’s decision to set up the investment funds for the three contestants was announced on Thursday at a dinner in Accra. The event was organised in recognition of their outstanding performance in the NSMQ by Caring Sisters, an NGO supporting the education of girls in the Anlo Traditional Area.

NSMQ 2021: KETASCO finalists get investment funds

Head of Retail at Tesah Capital, Andrew Nii Adjei Adjetey explained that the move is to encourage Francisca and her teammates to continue striving for excellence and help them to cultivate the habit of investment to secure a stable financial future.

“We at Tesah have been following the exploits of Francisca and her colleagues. We’ve been amazed by their remarkable run in the NSMQ and we decided that they need to be encouraged not only for success today but also to prepare them for a future of financial independence” he said.

“They can use the investment account we’ve set up for each of them to build and grow wealth for their futures and the futures of the generations after them.”

Francisca Lamini and her teammates thanked Tesah Capital for the gesture and promised to continue striving for excellence.

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