The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has congratulated farmers for their hard work over the years.

The Union says it is grateful to the country’s farmers for braving the odds and working hard to feed the people.

In a statement jointly signed by the NUGS President, Ishmael Tweneboa-Kodua and the Press and Information Secretary, Malik Abass Daabu, the Union said “their resilience has insulated our people from the regrettable global food crisis that resulted in shameful riots in some parts of Africa.”

“Thank you for saving us the shame,” the statement stated.

The full statement is published below:


The National Union of Ghana wishes to congratulate farmers on their hard work over the past year.

Their resilience has insulated our people from the regrettable global food crisis that resulted in shameful riots in some parts of Africa.

Thank you for saving us the shame.

The union appreciates the enormous challenges farmers in the country face relative to unfair competition.

The Ghanaian market is flooded with cheap produce by farmers else where who are subsidised by their governments.

And yet they brave all that to put food on the table and contribute tremendously to the growth of the economy.

The contribution of farmers to resolving the nagging problem of unemployment which has plagued the country for decades is deeply appreciated.

The larger majority of the youth would have been unimaginably hopeless but for the contribution of our fathers – farmers.

They provide support for us in all spheres of life.

A huge chunk of our membership has parents who are predominantly farmers.

Regardless of the difficulties, they pay our school fees and provide for our basic needs.

The nation could not have been more grateful.

On this Farmers’ Day, it is our hope that government will reconsider the thorny issue of subsidies for farmers.

Well co-ordinated and regulated subsidies can help farmers produce more and make the nation comfortable in terms of food security.

Government should also endeavour to guarantee farmers ready market for their market to boost their morale and encourage them to produce more.

It is also the view of the union that although tremendous achievements have been made in the road sector, frantic efforts should be made to further improve the country’s road network so that farm produce can access market centres with ease.

This will save farmers from being exploited by middlemen as well as prevent losses as tonnes of food rot as a result of bad roads.

Storage should be taken seriously if the sweat of our farmers is to benefit us seriously.

These will ensure us of food security.

After all when there is enough food for people to feed, a great deal of tension will be lessened.

A hungry people, they say, are an angry people who can create destabilising conditions for all of us.

To our great farmers, please do continue to spare us such an unfortunate situation.

Congratulations once again and do have a fruitful Farmers’ Day.

Ishmael Tweneboa-Kodua

Malik Abass Daabu
Press & Info. Secretary