Olam’s Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, the country’s leading manufacturer and marketer of biscuits, has announced the introduction of a new shortbread cookie into its range of popular Perk biscuits brand ahead of the Christmas season.

The new arrival, the Perk Butter Shortbread, is the result of an extensive internal and external consumer research initiative, intended to offer Ghanaian consumers that special sought-after buttery taste in good shortbread cookies, officials at Nutrifoods told journalists at a launch event today.

Category Manager of Perk Biscuits, Mrs. Kabuki Owusu Atakorah said, “Shortbread cookies are generally loved by Ghanaians; that explains why there are quite a number of imported brands on the market. Most people usually wait for special occasions to enjoy a pack of shortbread, but as a leader in the biscuit segment, we at Nutrifoods have decided to respond to the needs of the Ghanaian consumer by producing their favourite cookie locally, so they may enjoy it every day at an affordable price.”

Perk Butter Shortbread joins existing perk biscuit variants like Perk Milk Shortcake, Perk Choco Shortcake, Perk Strawberry Shortcake, and Perk Milkrich cookies on the Ghanaian market.

Mrs. Owusu Atakorah said that “Perk Butter Shortbread offers the consumer an indulgent, buttery and tasty biscuit that easily melts in the mouth”.

Nutrifoods Ghana launches new Perk Butter Shortbread

Adding that the new product’s attractive and premium packaging takes on from the recently refreshed brand visuals featuring a new logo and golden swoosh but comes in a contemporary deeper blue shade.

Vice President and Head of Marketing of Nutrifoods Ghana, Mr. Jay Anjaria said that “As a company that believes in anticipating the current and future needs of our consumers, we will continue to delight them with tasty and accessible biscuits that meet their everyday needs.”

Senior Vice President and Business Head, Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, Mr. Amitabh Coomar said that “Nutrifoods Ghana believes in world-class products that are developed to meet established Ghanaian consumer palate; and more importantly, manufacturing the biscuits locally helps us generate employment.”

Perk Butter Shortbread comes in an 81-gramme pack and is available in all traditional markets, supermarkets, neighbourhood groceries, and mini-marts nationwide at a consumer price of GH₵4 .00.

Nutrifoods Ghana Limited is the leading biscuit manufacturer in Ghana, producing an assortment of the most popular biscuits in the country, including household brands like Royal King Cracker, Milky Magic, Royal Digestive, and the Perk range of cookies.

The company recently invested US$8.25 million in the expansion of its factory at Tema, upgrading the capacity of the facility with new state-of-the-art production equipment and technology.

The expansion has consolidated Nutrifoods’ position as the number one biscuit producer in Ghana. It has more than 40% market share and an unbeatable benchmark in quality, producing international standard products for local market tastes.

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