The Obuasi fire station in the Ashanti region has been without a fire tender to fight fire outbreaks in the municipality for over a year now.

The situation has left residents of the mining town agitated as they would have to fight fire outbreaks on their own, until the Obuasi fire station gets a fire tender.

Several properties have been destroyed in various fire outbreaks in the municipality and it is feared more fire outbreaks are likely to occur and they would not be able to fight them in the face of unavailable fire tender to rescue such occurrences.

Victims  of fire incidents in the area accuse the security agency of inaction each time there is a fire outbreak.

Luv FM’s Kwabena Ampratwum reported that as the golden city of the Ashanti Region, Obuasi is far from that tag as after years of mining activities, road infrastructure and other facilities are either not available or they are in deplorable states.

Mr. Edward Opoku, Obuasi Municipal Fire Commander said the assembly has to depend on the fire brigade of the Aglogold Ashanti and other fire stations in other jurisdictions in case of any fire incident.

According to him, letters have been written to various stakeholders, the national Fire Service headquarters and the Municipal Chief Executive of the area and complained about the situation but was informed that there is no funds available to get some tenders now.

Speaking to Joy News, the Ashanti Regional Fire Officer, Arhin Mensah says the Obuasi fire tender has been repaired several times but keeps breaking down because it has become obsolete.

According to him, personnel at the Obuasi fire station have to depend on fire personnel of private companies until new tenders are made available to them by government.

He therefore said there are no available fire tenders currently to replace the broken down tender at Obuasi.  

Additionally, Mr. Arhin Mensah observed that there is a working relationship with private fire fighting units in the area but added, the municipal assembly would have to discuss with management of the facility to assist in times of need.

"The assembly would have to discuss it with the management so that whenever a distress call is given them, they will move [immediately respond] without having to consult their bosses, " the Ashanti Regional Fire Officer asserted.