The Oforikrom Municipal Assembly of the Ashanti region is planning to make organic farming a staple.

The Municipal Director of Agriculture, Samuel Tekpor hinted of the move during the farmers’ day celebration at Nsenie.

“The department is currently promoting organic farming. It is expected that in the next few months, an appreciable number of our vegetable farmers will adopt the technology,” he said.

The initiative is already being carried out by the sisters of St Louis, who are into the production of organic vegetables.

Mr. Tekpor also appealed to the chiefs to allocate particularly marshy areas of their lands for vegetable crop production instead of residential infrastructure.

“I want to make a passionate appeal to Nananom to allocate some portions of their lands, especially the swampy areas for the production of crops such as vegetables. We’ve realized that marshy areas are now being filled and that is hampering our efforts to produce crops,” he noted.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Kwame Antwi warned hostels which have connected their sewage to irrigation sources to desist from the practice.

He said the Assembly will soon clamp down on culprits.

“The Assembly will start arresting perpetrators of this act. We want them to stop before we come there. This exposes residents to various diseases,” he said.

13 farmers were awarded with various farm inputs. Osman Imoro of Anwomaso won the overall municipal best farmer.

He took home a tricycle-‘Aboboyaa’ among other farm inputs.

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