Movie producer Ola Michael has called veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo’s comments, about movie producers not paying actors, unfair.

He says Kofi Adjorlolo, along with some actors, hardly ever complete the job they are contracted to do but always demand full payment before shooting ends.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Doreen Avio, he said, “I think producers who do not pay actors are cheats, however, most of these actors are also cheats. Apart from not being able to manage their money, their cheating attitude is what brings about some of these complains.”

He stated that a lot of the actors are solely concerned about the money they would be given and less about their craft and how it would affect the production.

“Let the directors tell their stories with these actors and you’ll cry. When a producer loses money an actor has already been paid. He won’t say ‘producer, I know the movie we did, you couldn’t make anything, you run at a loss, your house is being taken away by the bank so take this to support.’ They don’t care,” Ola Michael added.

He disclosed that many actors charge more money for promoting the movies including doing interviews on TV, radios and making appearances at movie premieres.

“Kofi Adjorlolo is saying producers owe him but does he know the number of directors that have lost money because of actors?” he quizzed.

Kofi Adjorlolo revealed, in an interview on January 30, that seven Ghanaian film producers are yet to pay him for works he’s done for them.

He told Joy Primes’s Ibrahim Ben-Bako, “old man like me, they call me to come and work and they can’t pay me? (I am talking) about seven producers, why? And I’m sitting at home hungry.”

There was drama at the press launch for Zion Train Productions’ movie ‘Heros of Africa (Tetteh Quarshie)’ when Mr Adjorlolo saw one of the producers and demanded he gets paid.

However, Ola Micheal said that the producer, who he identifies as a colleague member of Mad House Production, does not owe the actor any money.

According to the producer who doubles as a director, they contracted the actor for a role and had a set of days to execute the project.

He explained that some days into the production, Kofi Adjorlolo asked to be excused for some days because he had lost his mother – a claim Ola Micheal said was disputed by many.

“Three people quickly rubbished his claim indicating that Adjorlolo’s mum passed on two years ago and has been using the same excuse over and over.

“Now you leave the set without completing your scenes, go for a certain funeral that we didn’t even know was true or not and then call me four days after we’re done with the production that you are now available to complete your scenes, who does that?” he quizzed.

Ola Micheal said the veteran actor was replaced after he left and the script was changed to clean up any mess and leave no traces of Kofi Adjorlolo.

But the actor, he claims came back demanding money, which the producer said is “totally out of place.”