Coach of nigeria’s National U-23 side, Augustine Eguavoen has said that he would review his already submitted programme for the 8-nations qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games, scheduled to hold in November in Egypt. To this end, Eguavoen wants his team to be camped for five weeks in preparation for the mini-tourney.

Eguavoen said that the review has become necessary following the change in date for the event.

“I would have to review my programme because it is no longer the first week of December but the last week of November, so this new date has changed my whole programme for the tournament”, said the former Super Eagles defender, who was however unable to give the exact date for the commencement of the camping exercise.

“I cannot give you a specific date right now but preparations will begin in earnest in ctober, what ever is the case I want to have at least five weeks of intense camping with a lot of friendly matches”.

The former Super Eagles coach, who spoke to reporters from Benin City, said that he would meet the technical committee of the Nigeria Football Federation this week to finalise plans and get formal approval for his programme.

“I spoke with the technical committee chairman Barr. Chris Green and he promised to get back to me today (yesterday) on my proposed programme for the qualifier”.

On the award of the hosting right to Egypt, Eguavoen, said the decision would not dim the chances of his team booking a place to play in the football event at the 2012 London Games.


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