Ghanaian Hiplife duo, Keche says their brand is for life.

According to one of its members Andrew, the group which was formed in 2004, has plans of going further.

“Keche is the company, I am working for the company. Joshua is also working for the company. It’s for life,” he said on JoyPrime‘s Prime Morning.

Keche is among a few music groups in the country which have stood the test of time.

Andrew says the secret behind their solid union is the ability to always put the interest of the group first despite their personal differences.

“One thing we believe is that even twins sometimes fight. They do have different understanding and that should tell you that friends who are like brothers now, we all suffer. We do argue about so many things that we’ve heard but we don’t let this get into our work.

“Aside our differences, the company is bringing money on our talbes so I don’t care what he feels about me, I don’t care the problem we have for each other, when the company calls, you just have to submit,” he said.

The second member of the duo Joshua Ampah also said there have been instances where both have quarreled, however, they always managed to settle their scores for the progress of the group.

“You won’t believe that there have been times that we don’t speak for like a month but we were on stage performing, we smile to each other, we hug each other, we need to fake smiles then when we are done, everybody enters their car they go home,” he said.