The Ashanti Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare, Patricia Kyeremanteng, has advised parents to desist from exploiting their children at the detriment of their education.

According to her, the welfare of children should be paramount in developing their sexual, psychological and physical wellbeing.

She believes streetism will be curbed if the welfare of children is held paramount under all conditions.

Madam Patricia was speaking at the World Children’s Day Celebration organised by the SOS Children’s Village, under the theme, “Investing In our future means investing in our children”.

“Parents are encouraged to involve children in activities such as drama, choreography and poetry. This makes children feel good. Pamper them a little. Take them to places of interest such as the museum, recreational parks and zoological gardens.

“Donate to others so your children can learn the importance of giving. Bring out the confidence in your child so he/she would not allow his/her rights to be trampled on,” she advised.

The celebration is a joint collaboration between SOS Children’s Village, Child Rights Organisation and the National Commission for Civic Education.

Regional Director of the Department of Community Development, Janet Amonu Gyamfuah, attributes the rise of social vices to child neglect.

Parents charged to invest in their children

She fears such children may be influenced by friends.

She advised guardians to spend quality time with their children.

“We have recorded cases of young girls dumping their new-borns at refuse dumps. Some parents are occupied with work and hardly have time for their children. Do you expect your child to get the best of training? Such children will be victims of peer pressure.

Teach them to mind their p’s and q’s. There have been incidences of teenagers brandishing weapons whenever they are provoked. The criminals you see on the streets became that way, because they were not shown enough love growing up. This makes them cold-hearted. They hurt others at the slightest offense,” she adviseds.

Assistant Programmes Officer of the Department of Children, Ashanti, Jackson Frimpong-Manso advised parents to invest in the education of their children.

“Children are God’s gift to parents. It is essential to invest in them. We will surely reap the benefit of them. I’ll liken them to SSNIT, because they are our end of service benefit.

Alternative Care Coordinator of the SOS Children’s Village at Asokore Mampong, Eric Osam Lartey, called for support of individuals for the SOS Children’s Villages.

“Be a friend to SOS. Help us so we can help more people. SOS seeks from others to support others. We have to continue helping people in other parts of Ghana.

“You give children second chances to achieve their dreams when you support us. Underprivileged children are given the opportunity to shape their future. SOS is helping caregivers to support children in community development.

“All the funds used to support our programs were given to us by donors. School children overseas sacrificed their snacks, put the monies together for us to address challenges faced in communities,” he appealed.