Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu

The Minority Leader has said Parliament is yet to have discussions after thorough study to determine the position of the MP for Fomena, Andrew Amoako Asiamah.

Haruna Iddrisu said the leadership of the House would meet to deliberate on a petition by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that seeks the removal of the legislator from parliament.

“It is a matter that we are studying carefully with constitutional law advisers. He did not walk in as an independent candidate.

“We will need to find out if being sacked by the party (NPP) makes him an independent candidate,” the Minority Leader told Joy FM.

According to him, due to the complex nature of the issue, “the case is being studied with reference to Article 112 and the provisions of Article 94 to determine his status as an independent candidate or not.”

He described Mr Andrew Amoako as a “limping” MP and questioned, “whether he should be recognised as a Member of Parliament on the ticket of the party (NPP).”

“He is walking on a limping leg, for now, he is a limping candidate,” he said.

The Minority Leader revealed that findings of the House would be made public.

“When we are conclusive with our findings, we will make known to the public on what they think. That is whether he should be vacating his seat or continue to be an MP.”