Parliament has postponed resumption of its sittings to June 3, 2014 to enable various committees of the house conclude works on their outreach programmes.

The House was expected to begin its work this week after it rose on March 28 this year.

Although the reason for the postponement has not been expressly stated, a ranking member on the Public Accounts Committee, George Loh, said the House may not have the numbers to carry out its work hence the reschedule.

Some media reports had suggested the extension of the date was due to financial challenges facing the legislature.

George Loh, who is also MP for North Dayi said the Education Committee for instance is working in the northern parts of the country and may not be back by the end this week.

"Various committees of Parliament are outside the House doing some business. And this business will go beyond the May 29 when we are supposed to go back to Parliament. The Accounts Committee is in Koforidua doing public hearing. So it is obvious that majority of members from both sides will not be available when House resumes", the George Loh explained.

The Public Accounts Committee is, among other things, scrutinising the performance audit report of the Auditor-General on the management of the Petroleum Funds from May, 2011 to December, 2012.