The marked improvement in the police' ability to man and marshal demonstrations in modern times is an understated fact.

From a feared antagonist in the 1980's, the Ghana Police Service has developed into some sort of ally, whenever a group of Ghanaians become zealous in establishing their right to demonstrate.

During military regimes, the police are often a tool of oppression against those it seeks to protect. But arguably, since 2000, complaints about the Police' expression of force at demonstrations have reduced markedly.

This development is worth highlighting. It is easy to simply say, this is what we expect from the police. But it is human to appreciate this development even if it should be normal.

In this photo, a police officer looks on as a demonstrator threatens, raves and rants during the Occupy Flagstaff House deomnstrations on July 1st.

Perhaps, what the police service now needs to address is their trigger-happy officers who shoot, maim and kill innocent civilians under very bizzare circumstances.