Production and consumption of bushmeat is an old tradition among Ghanaians in many parts of the country.

Hunters are most at risk of a potential infection due to their contact with these animals and bites they sustain.

The outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus has traced its source mainly from this old trade which needs to be suspended or closely monitored to enable global campaigners battling against the disease to bring it under total control.

The deadly Ebola outbreak is threatening to dampen consumption of an irresistible delicacy – bush meat. Consumers may be finding it difficult to respond to the call to refrain or restrain themselves in enjoying this meat.

It is unsure whether we are wining this Ebola war on bushmeat because in Ghana there are no regulations on the production,marketing and consumption of bushmeat.

This picture was taken recently at Ekumfi Eyisam in the Central Region where bush meat business is flourishing.