The flagbearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Mr David Apasera has urged all Ghanaians seeking for an alternative party in Ghana’s democratic multi-party system to support the PNC party in the December polls.

According to Mr David Apasera, the party is prepared to give the NPP and the NDC a run for their money in the upcoming general elections.

He said: “I am going to work hard and let Ghanaians know that PNC is a vehicle that can carry you to the Jubilee House. We are going to hit the ground running”.

The address by the party’s flag bearer follows the failure of PNCs initiative to merge with other Nkrumah inspired parties after the 2016 elections to boost their electoral position.

The former Chairman of PNC, Mr Bernard Mornah who spearheaded the initiative to merge with the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) and the Conventions People’s Party (CPP) was unsuccessful at presenting the parties as a united front.

Mr David Apasera admonished all Ghanaians to revive their hope in the party as they intend to stage an impressive comeback to surprise their contenders in the 2020 General Elections.

He was confident that the party is up to the task to face the elections head-on and break the current duopoly political party system in the country.

“I call on those who have given up that the vehicle is awake again and we are driving at the fifth gear so that we can catch up with the others,” he stated.

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