A. Genesis of trouble


Walk into the garden of Eden

Where life is purest

Rivers feed the forest

Parrot and carrot dwell

Fox and worm dine with the eagle

Man and woman ever so well

All is well


A foul wind breaks wind

Eve and Adam join the band

A pungent smell pollutes the atmosphere

Enter nakedness, blame and fear

Murder, disease and death

The Genesis of trouble over the earth


So you and I

Enemies of God became

In dark dungeons made

By the treasonous offence

That bans us from God's presence

The sun bowed its beaming head

Thorns the flour for our bread

But the rescue plan lay with Adonai

B. Shadows of Help


Scoop the soils of Eden

Sprinkle them over the flood waters

And observe them rise for 40 days

Noah's ark tells a story:

In the justice of the flood

See the mercy of the ark

The punishment upon Christ

Our salvation by the blood


Bring an unknown destination into focus

Set the bearings of faith and step out

Head for a land I will show you

Abraham's call tells a story:

What righteousness we receive

When in Yahweh we believe

Trusting Jesus for morrow

Yields joy while the lost sorrow


Up the slopes of Moriah a long walk

A father and his promised only son

Fire, firewood, knife and faith

Isaac's sacrifice tells a story:

The guiltless for the guilty

Ready for condemnation

Ordained means of Salvation

Christ the dearest on the cross


Look at a man dream on stone

Angels ascend and descend

Heaven's ladder rests on earth

Jacob's dream tells a story:

Undeserved help from heaven

Rescues earth from sore bondage

Jesus Christ our righteousness

Standing sinners forgiven


A coat of many colours

Dreams of worshipping sheaves and stars

Provision that saves a needy people

Joseph's rise tells a story:

Whole nations that know not God

Strive but in vain; they perish

Those who believe in the Son

Have life, and shall not perish


Egypt was his hiding place

He left his royalty to free slaves

Offering his life, interceding for them

Moses' Old Covenant tells a story:

Though very God in nature

He took on the form of man

To seal a New Covenant

That guarantees our future


Look at the flashing angel's sword

Slashing tears over Mizraim

Goshen sleeps and dreams in peace

The Passover tells a story:

Salvation for the elect

Love by grace so confounding

All hearts stained by Jesus' blood

Live secure in God's dwelling


March on through the Red Sea

Conquer all the 'nites and 'tites

They came they flopped

Judges and kings

They all tell a story:

Among all born of woman

None knows to rule so fairly

Among all sired of man

None reigns supreme like Jesus


Trace the flight alone

Of the sole stone

To slay an armoured giant

David's victory tells a story:

Salvation is of The Lord

From most unlikely sources

By the Infallible Word

He saves ! Jesus our Lord saves


The follies of Rehoboam

The flayings of Assyria

The mouldy lyres and broken harps

That hung by the rivers of Babylon

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah

The wailing laments of Jeremiah

The broken covenant of Malachi

They all … tell a story

Through all of time, day and night

Our Sovereign God was speaking

Through Jesus Christ, Judah's lamb

Our loving Lord is saving


C. Rescue Mission


Scoop the soils of Eden

Sprinkle them over the earth

Observe how they rise to form Mount Zion

And hear the roar of Judah's Lion

In the shrill voice of The Lamb at Calvary's altar of sacrifice

For the red stain that makes a man tidy

Now let the story begin

For the baby in the manger

He is the story


Lived in the Gospels

Powered in Acts

Argued in the Epistles

Closed in Revelation

Proclaimed with lips

Affirmed with lives

Preserved in the early church

Propagated through the centuries

Suffered for

Died for


What are YOU doing with it?


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