Police in the Ahafo Ano North District of Ashanti have launched an intensive search for a gang of armed robbers who have for some time now been operating in the district.

The robbers said to be numbering about eight had within the past months succeeded in robbing passengers who commute between Anyinasu-Jacobu in the district of several millions of cedis and valuable items.

The latest of such robberies occurred on Sunday November 4 at Agyei Kwame Junction when the gang was said to have robbed some passengers travelling from Kumasi to Goaso of an unspecified amount of money and other items.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr Stephen Awuah-Baffour, Commander in-Chief of the district told the Ghana News Agency at Tepa that the latest incident occurred at about 23:20 hours and that the robbers used some beams and logs to block the road.

He said this compelled the driver of the vehicle to stop, adding that, the robbers then came out of bushes where they had laid ambush to attack the passengers.

ASP Awuah-Baffour stated that the robbers who were in masks and spoke Twi and Hausa ordered the passengers to surrender everything they had on them.

The Police Commander said the robbers shot and wounded some of the passengers during the operation and that all the injured were treated and discharged at a hospital.

He urged the residents to be vigilant and volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits.

Source: GNA


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