EC urged to conduct annual cleanup of voters’ register

EC urged to conduct annual cleanup of voters’ register
Source: Richard Kwadwo Nyarko | Joy News | Central Region
Date: 18-09-2019 Time: 12:09:52:pm

Governance and civil society group, Milabban Population Network (MAPnet) is calling on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to adopt an annual plan for the cleaning of the voters' register.

The group believes an annual clean up of the electoral roll will keep it from the periodic ritual of compiling a new one.

MAPnet also wants stakeholders or drivers in Ghana’s elections to be educated and motivated to assist in that regard.

In a press release, the group stated that the marginalized citizens and the helpless voters bear the brunt when any unguarded clashes happen in the event that the country’s voters register is not credible enough to give the nation a reliable election result.

“It is not enough for the Electoral Commission of Ghana to just come out with an advert to call on good people of Ghana to come and help remove the deceased voters’ names from the register without any practical and effective enforcement strategies,” they stated.

The group avers, the Electoral Commission of Ghana and all stakeholders do not seem to have the credibility of our voters register at heart. ’Elections are not just having voters out under the unfavourable weather conditions to vote but how credible the register is should also be of concern to all,” they lamented.

MAPnet Ghana says it has single-handedly conducted several workshops for the Clan Heads, Imams and both their secretaries in some Districts in the Central Region to empower them on the expectations the Electoral Commission of Ghana seeks from them towards the deletion of their deceased relatives who were voters from the voters register.

They reveal, “the response to the workshops conducted was massive but little commitment have been put into its practice since there is no will power on the part of the Government and the Electoral Commission of Ghana to enforce such duty placed on them. Most of them seemed not concerned about the whole exercise whereas others too are totally ignorant about such civic responsibilities being hanged on their necks.”

MAPnet, however, places on record that the Electoral Commission of Ghana should publish the number of reported deceased voters during this ongoing voters register exhibition for all to commend them for their commitment to keeping the register clean and reliable.

“Deceased names remaining in the voters’ register is as dangerous as the ghost names being left unconcerned in the payroll and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust pension records. The lost from both is the same,” they claimed.