The debate about which polytechnics in Ghana should be converted by government into technical universities continues to rage on by the day.

The latest group to join the debate is the Bolgatanga branch of the Polytechnic Teachers’ Association of Ghana (POTAG) which says the piecemeal conversion of the polytechnics into technical universities will bring untold hardships to the remaining Polytechnics, including the Bolgatanga Polytechnic.

POTAG Bolgatanga is appealing that instead, all the polytechnics be converted into technical universities at the same time while government takes steps to address the deficiencies identified in some of the Polytechnics by the technical committee.

"The piecemeal conversion will bring untold hardship to the other polytechnic in terms of admissions, staff turnover and recognition," said Florence Manamzor, the chairperson for POTAG, Bolgatanga.

She explained that there are already difficulties in terms of enrollment in some polytechnics and they are worried the situation could get out of hands. 

Though the Bolgatanga Polytechnic appears to be in good shape in terms of facilities and space for expansion, it is one of the polytechnics that would be converted into technical universities at a later time.

Secretary for POTAG-Bolgatanga, Maurice Braimah says the Bolgatanga Polytechnic is better positioned for conversion into a technical university than some of the ones that have already been chosen for the first phase of the conversion.

President of the Students’ Representative Council, Asabea Abdul-Rahman expressed disappointment that the Bolgatanga Polytechnic has not been included for conversion into a technical university.

"We have developed a curricular in five Bachelors of technology programs in engineering and applied sciences but government has placed a moratorium on the hiring of lecturers and mounting of these programs," Maurice Braimah said.