Poor roads at Shime frustrate residents

Residents in Blemazado, Aglobledokui, Tregui and other communities in the Shime area of the Keta Municipality are complaining over bad roads in their communities.

According to the residents, the bad roads are impeding economic activities in the communities. They say cars hardly come to their communities compelling them to walk long distances to their destinations.

A taxi driver who is also a resident in one of towns told Joy News the roads have damaged his car, forcing him to stay out of business.

He said women, children and the elderly are the most affected. He asked for the government to come their aid.

According to the residents, the situation is so bad that it has become a painful experience for pregnant women to travel the roads to hospitals for antenatal care or to give birth.

An old lady told Joy News some expectant mothers have died on their way to hospitals located in Anloga, Sogakope and other bigger towns.

According to her when there are complications with pregnancies the expectant mothers have to be carried on motor bikes to the hospitals.

She has also appealed for urgent measures to be taken.

The Assemblyman for Bleamazado John Lumor in an interview with Joy News said the situation has become unbearable for the people, urging for urgent action from authorities to avoid calamity.

The Awormefia of Anlo, Torgbui Sri III during a tour of some the bad roads told Joy News he will make sure the Municipal Assembly do something about the situation.

Sylvester Tornyeavah, however, said the situation have been reported to government.

According to the MCE, the Assembly have been pushing for the roads to be tarred, but nothing has been done.

"The roads are really bad and is nothing to write home about. The people are finding it difficult to use the roads and pregnant women sometimes lose their pregnancies due to the deplorable nature of the road", Tornyeavah admitted.

He said he was hopeful that government will do something urgent about the situation.