The After Sales team of Porsche Centre Accra, Universal Motors Limited, has been celebrated as one of the best After Sales service providers in the Middle East and Africa region at a distinguished global award ceremony in South Africa.

The local Porsche team finished as one out of three in the regional competition which was based on the brand’s Customer Satisfaction Index and also taking direct customer feedback into account.

Two representatives from Porsche Centre Accra accepted the Porsche Service Excellence Award 2013 at the event in Cape Town. The global event was attended by Jens Puttfarcken, Vice President After Sales of Porsche AG.

Elie Badr, General Manager Aftersales of Porsche Centre Accra, said: “We are very proud of this achievement and believe that After Sales service is not just a department within an organization, but an attitude. We only employ technicians and service advisors who receive regular training and can access the latest technical information from Porsche AG in Germany. It is through these exceptional standards that we ensure our passion for excellence is not only maintained, but enhanced.”

The ranking for top regional After Sales customer service was based on a continuous Porsche Customer Satisfaction Index scoring system. The statistics were derived from online questionnaires sent by an independent panel to customers who had visited the Porsche workshop in 2013.

The positive responses reflect the high levels of satisfaction amongst Porsche customers in Ghana.

Despite the recent success and the unremitting nature of customer service, Porsche Centre Accra is continuously striving to enhance processes and deliver exceptional service for a unique Porsche ownership experience.


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