Mary Agyapong was a nurse at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital in Bedfordshire. She was diagnosed with coronavirus in early April and died a week later.

Doctors were able to save her baby by an emergency C- section but her husband, Ernest, argues she shouldn’t have been working at the hospital at the start of the pandemic as she was heavily pregnant.

He has spoken exclusively to the BBC’s Sima Kotecha.

The Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We were extremely saddened to lose Mary. She worked here for five years and was a highly valued and loved member of our team, a fantastic nurse and a great example of what we stand for in this Trust.

“We have carried out a full internal review into the circumstances surrounding her death and we are confident that she received the best possible care and support from the Trust.

“We have sent our deepest condolences to Mr Boateng, and are currently working through a number of issues he has raised.”