The National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers has confirmed an increase in the price of the products by 25%, citing high cost electricity, taxes as well as high import duties.

President of the association, Magnus Nunoo, in an interview with Charles Ayitey on the Market Place, projected a continuous increase in the commodity, saying, the cost of doing business in Ghana continues to frustrate operators.

“We can confirm that the cost of purified drinking water has increased. The upward adjustment started somewhere from the beginning of December 2021. There is no doubt attributing this to the high cost of production – from water, electricity to transport,” he disclosed.

According to the Association, a formal statement is about to be issued to appeal to the government on the “killer taxes.”

“Producers of water pay almost 25% levy on their products, while producers of beer pay 10% less. In effect, it is cheaper to produce beer in Ghana than water,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, the margin of price increase ranges from 25% to 50%, the association revealed.

“Pure water sachet has increased by 20 pesewas, while that of bottled water has gone up by about 50 pesewas. This can change in no time soon,” he stated.

The Northern Regional Chapter of the Sachet Water Producers Association of Ghana in November 2021 increased price of the product in the region due to high cost of production.

The Northern Regional Chairman of the Association,  Nuhu Sualisu, said, “the high cost of materials needed in producing sachet water is gradually forcing our members out of business, hence the need for the increment in order to meet the cost of production and serve our clients effectively.”

Thaddeus Kofi Abeka Yarney, a sachet water producer in the Tamale Metropolis, said the increment was necessary as the high cost of materials for production has forced many of their members out of business and brought untold hardship to families and their dependents.