Priscilla Otumfuo has released her the latest track ‘Yesu Mba’, a spirit-filled single.

The song has already paced a trend even before its release is from the camp of the sensational gospel singer.

The talented singer has never relented on her efforts to feed souls with spirit-filled songs with vocal dexterity.

She said she is grateful that the Holy Spirit guides her to coin words into wisdom to touch lives.

With her latest single, Priscilla Otumfuo has raised the bar much higher with top-notch performance,.

‘Yesu Mba’ in Ga language translates into Jesus is coming.

On this track produced by Bempong, the singer highlighted the second coming of Christ and the need for Christians to prepare for his coming.

The singer also pointed out some acts that when involved in may kill their chances of making heaven.

Aside from the spiritual aspect of the song, the singer put across her heart-piercing message ready to win thousands of souls for Christ.

The song has a unique rhythm with a creative dance groove suitable for all dancing purposes.

Although the song is in Ga, it has a catchy elements which can easily be grasped by people from other ethnic groups.