Pure Akan has released a video for his song, ‘Meka ho bi woka ho bi’ on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

The track is the 11th song on his critically acclaimed sophomore album, Nyame Mma.

The album was released in August to a resounding reception from music lovers, many of whom have attested to its prominent approach and creative growth.

His first visual for the 16-song record represents his undying quest to define culture and shared responsibility for societal growth.

The song itself presents a double-sided play. On the one hand, he is flanked by two male figures in dark and white tones inside the Elmina Castle, a facility known for selling slaves in the colonial days.

Born Bernard Nana Appiah, the artiste calls on all social ethics for self-assessment and duty.

However, in another scene, he is rapping in front of a Presbyterian Church where a shrine is close by.

The images are as contrasting as its message’ “I have been looking afar, but I did not know that I was sitting on it, I’m part of it. Sometimes it is me, sometimes it is you,” Pure Akan laments.

Pure Akan depicts societal contrasts in 'Meka ho bi woka ho bi' video
Photo by P.M Boakye

The visual rides on an acoustic undertone that runs as a template to deliver the message of community and accountability in an African setting.

Unexpectedly, the video takes you through a flicking journey of images constantly flowing to compliment Akan’s quick delivery.

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