A study by Dr. Abena Yeboah-Banin of the Communications Department, University of Ghana and Kwaku Krobea Asante from Media Foundation for West Africa has found deceptive messages in radio presenter mentions of herbal medicinal products.

Findings of the study are available in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.

According to a 2014 report, information on herbal products is less consumed as it requires some level of literacy.

It says Presenter Mentions therefore help to readily deliver messages the masses and highly relied on for decision-making.

The study sought to compare radio Presenter Mentions of herbal medicines to their packaging information to see how consistent they are in providing credible information to consumers.

The researchers monitored and recorded 40 herbal products presenter mentions on 10 radio stations in Ashanti and Greater Accra regions.

They found the deception stems from under-representation to sometimes, blatant misinformation.

“Suggesting the possibility that audiences will have difficulty relying on them for decisions,” the report says.

The researchers calls for policies to regulate media promotion of herbal medicinal products.

“The study points to a need to pay closer attention to message salience and consistency where multiple channels are used in promoting herbal medicinal products.

“There is the need for better policing on how herbal medicinal products promote themselves, particularly where they use multiple media channels that introduce variations into their messages,” the study recommended.