One of the major threatening issues in Africa is malnutrition. The sub-region over the decades has had a challenge in overcoming this dilemma.

With the blend of food crops and plants in the sub-region, malnutrition should not have been a problem.

But the quest to solve the menace of malnutrition in children leading to increased child mortality in Africa has caused Vera Osei-Bonsu, the Founder and CEO of Start Right Nutrition Limited, to roll out innovative ideas.

She is a mother of two children (Chantel and Cyrus) and a wife.

She calls herself a ‘mumpreneur’ who has a strong passion for the general well-being of mothers and children.

In a special interview about her work, she revealed her belief in many ideas and opportunities that can be transformed into resolving the common challenges militating against health and nutrition.

Through her Start Right Nutrition Limited, she has been able to launch the first infant and toddler recipe book for African children titled “Start Right” which gives mothers a step-by-step approach to successful weaning.

Her organisation also produces locally made cereals for children from the ages of six months and above. This special food supplement helps children to meet a great portion of their daily nutritional needs in iron and proteins. 

Vera Osei-Bonsu is not only interested in issues pertaining to nutrition but also seeks to support the less privileged in society

One of her remarkable donations was to the maternity ward of Adenta Frafraha Hospital, where she donated various kinds of hospital equipment to the unit to decrease maternal mortality.

With the support of her followers on various social media platforms, she also donates to the less privileged in society to put a smile on their faces. 

She was selected in 2019 to represent Ghana at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) with other key stakeholders worldwide to advocate for healthy child nutrition policies in Africa.

She was also awarded as Most Inspiring Woman In Food and Nutrition in 2019 during an awards ceremony organised under the auspices of AfricMedia Galaxy in partnership with Women in Aviation-Ghana Chapter, which was to honour women who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavour.

Vera pointed out that her dream was to see every mother have a sustainable and healthy nutritional food for their children in Ghana and Africa. This mission, she believes, when achieved will drastically reduce the rate of malnutrition on the continent.

She also has a sole mission of raising the standards of children’s diets, a dream of becoming a regular media commentator on food-related issues and undertake regular consultancy work for major hospitals in Ghana and Africa.

She further explained that with the right nutrition, child mortality and frequent medical threatening conditions will become extinct in Ghana and Africa.