Wa Central Member of Parliament (MP), Rashid Pelpuo is accusing the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of shirking its responsibility as an opposition party.

He said instead of being "resilient" and provide "alternative policy direction" to government, all the NPP has decided to do is rant and hold needless press conferences.

He was speaking to Joy News' Parliamentary correspondent Elton John Brobbey after yet another afternoon of controversial debate on the floor of Parliament over the president's state of the nation address.

The Minority was accusing the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ebo Barton Odro of breaching the ground rules regarding the time allotted to members to speak on the president's address.

For several minutes the MPs from both sides haggled over the matter on the floor of Parliament.

Rashid Pelpuo later told Elton Brobbey that the Minority easily become too frustrated over little and insignificant issues.

Making references to the controversy over the Merchant Bank sale and the 2.5 per cent increase in the Value Added Tax rate, Rashid Pelpuo said all that the minority did during those  periods was just to wake up from their houses and call for press conferences, which did not proffer any solution to the challenges at the time.

He said it is time for the minority to live up to their responsibility as an opposition party.