Rawlings: AU must speak out on Ukraine

Ghana’s former President, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has in a statement to mark the 57th anniversary of the country’s independence called on the African Union to be assertive on global issues. 

Mr Rawlings said: “The hypocrisy and inconsistency demonstrated by some of the superpowers in the Ukrainian affair is a serious insult to the intelligence of the world.

 “David Cameron advocated going slow on economic sanctions against Russia and using the channel of diplomacy. This suggestion is the very least that should have been heard from the African Union. 

“The silence and voicelessness of Africa and the Non-Aligned Movement is a serious indictment of the aspirations of the developing world to see a truly free and just world. 

“The arbitrary manner in which unipolar authority has been exercised by some of the superpowers cannot be allowed to continue because it is injurious to global stability.  

“What other evidence do we need to demonstrate that the world would be a better, just and stable place with the restoration of a more enlightened bipolar leadership? 

“I hope we can all see the consequences of allowing the near demise of the Non-Alignment Movement. Ukraine has become the pivot and test case of the transition the world is experiencing.  

“We’ll end up in a continuation of unipolar arbitrariness or with a more responsible bipolar leadership.

 “Russia can’t afford to fail in the world’s quest to attain the balanced leadership needed in an enlightened and responsible bipolar world.

 “I wish our 6th of March Independence Day, the spirit of June 4th and the spirit of December 31st.”