Lawyer for three petitioners who challenged the outcome of the 2012 presidential election has censured the Electoral Commission for failing to implement reforms proposed by political parties after the Supreme Court hearing a year ago.

During the petition hearing, the Presiding Judge, William Atuguba, noted that the “petition exposed the need for certain electoral reforms”, although no specific reforms were put forward.

However, after the ruling by the Supreme Court the EC called on political parties to submit proposals for reforms of the electoral process.

But various institutions and political commentators have accused the EC of not taking steps to implement the collective suggestions made by the political parties for reforms.

Mr Addison said the EC's attitude is disrespectful.

“One year down the line we are still where we started from. We have the same team there being as recalcitrant as ever. Afari Gyan [EC Chairman] does not listen to anybody”, he observed.

Today August 29, 2014 is exactly a year when the Supreme Court ruled on 8-month long 2012 Election Petition landmark case.

“This is the same man we took to court, the court has made recommendations and nothing has been done about it and he is there”, Mr Addison lamented.

He said if it must always take the court to force the EC to do the obvious, “then there must be something wrong”.

“If a public institution should always have to be compelled by a court to do what everybody knows is the right thing, then there is something wrong somewhere”, he reiterated.

Recently, the EC was barred by the Supreme Court from using National Health Identification cards for voter registration, a situation Mr Addison says goes to show that the only language the Chairman of the EC understands is court order.